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  • Масштабируемость

    • AGNEKO SNMPc поддерживает неограниченное количество консолей удаленного доступа через Windows или веб-приложение. Каждому удаленному пользователю присвоен свой уровень безопасности и права доступа. Возможность обеспечить отдельные сетевые сегменты полезна в больших корпоративных сетях или средах MSP/ISP.
  • Удаленные опросчики

    • AGNEKO SNMPc lets you distribute the polling and discovery functionality to strategic points in your network using polling agents. These remote polling agents poll the local devices and only upload status changes or alerts when required. This is a very efficient way of polling networks and helps limit the bandwidth requirements of a SNMP manager.

      For security all console commands are routed through the central SNMPc Enterprise server and then the appropriate polling agent. This allows SNMPc Enterprise to support multiple overlapping IP address ranges and NAT environments.

  • Менеджер менеджеров

    • AGNEKO SNMPc can be deployed as a hierarchical management system providing a single view for multiple branch level SNMPc Enterprise installations. A full peer-to-peer architecture is supported where each SNMPc Enterprise can be both a branch and top level manager simultaneously. This lets you to deploy a scalable fault tolerant management system.